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Welcome to a new year

Janet George HeraldWelcome to a new year of the TCU Retirees’ Association, continuing our 35th anniversary celebration through 2018. I hope you will all commit to being active as luncheon attendees as well as take advantage of other programming opportunities including pre-luncheon seminars, fine arts performances and other events planned by our Program Committee, chaired by Vice President Julie Baker.

Many of us feel a very special bond with TCU regardless of our length of service. And TCURA allows us to continue that association, keep abreast of what’s going on at the University, and enjoy fellowship with our friends and former colleagues.

Speaking of length of service, some of you from the 90s or later may wonder who in the world I am!

I am a ‘74 graduate of TCU and then spent 15 years in the Admission Office, the final nine as Associate Dean of Admission. And I am, in fact, an Associate Member of TCURA, as I am not an official retiree. To that end, if you know of someone who was previously affiliated with TCU or another university, or any individual who might enjoy our organization, you may propose them to our Membership Chair, Richard Sybesma, or me for consideration by our Executive Council. We’ve had several new Associate members in the past couple of years and value them as part of our group.

We look forward to the completion of our TCURA cookbook as well as the addition of more special interest groups (SIGS). If you would like to propose a new group, please email Chuck Lamb, Communication Chair, at

Here’s to a great year ahead!
Janet George Herald