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  • Drug Cost Savings Ideas - By Carolyn Spence Cagle, Ph.D., RNC-E Retiree concerns about reaching the Medicare D “donut hole” (hole) and affording cost of medications for chronic or acute illness mandate discussion about ways to save money on drugs. Approximately 25% of consumers reaching the hole stop taking medications because they cannot afford them with other essential life expenditures. This decision... Read more »
  • Healthy Aging: Engaging with Movement - By Carolyn Spence Cagle Do you want to focus on your health by becoming more physically active in 2018? If so, you are on the “right track” as a TCU retiree! Healthy aging generally involves exercising at least 30 minutes each day to increase body flexibility, bone mass, strength, and overall fitness for health management.... Read more »
  • Volunteering: Lending a Hand to Do Good - By Carolyn Spence Cagle Hello, there. It is good to continue communicating health-related information to improve your retiree life. As we head into the holiday season, I want to focus in this first online posting of the Health Help Now column on a topic that is “right in front of me:” volunteering (working without pay)... Read more »