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Treasures Abound

TCU is the thriving place it is today – in demand and on the move – because of the collective hours, days and years of what was sometimes blood, sweat and tears poured into this special place by all of us and our predecessors.

TCURA Needs Our Support

“There are many ways our gifts to TCURA enhance the organization’s effectiveness,” Janet Herald told Executive Council members at its February meeting, “but right now we are ‘between a rock and a hard place.’” With Sodexo’s most recent price increase, TCURA’s treasury balance is declining rapidly, she said. The Executive Council expressed its intent to keep… Read more »

Taking Things for Granted

Two events this week have shaped my heart and mind – spending time with a young Venezuelan woman and the death of a longtime friend.

End-of-Life Work: Feedback From the Experts

End-of-life discussions involving a loved one pose challenges for most families. Some persons with limited life may be too private to engage in discussions and decisions with family, while others comfortably share their decisions with close family members that will assume responsibility to act on a family member’s end-of-life choices. Even those members may be uncomfortable… Read more »

A TCU Treasure Award to Honor Exemplary Service by a TCU Retiree

Last year our first “A TCU Treasure” award was presented to two deserving retirees, Manny Reinecke and Emmet Smith. The award, which includes a $500 stipend, will be presented again this year at our April 16 luncheon to another retired faculty or staff member for his/her contributions toward fulfilling the mission and values of TCU. We… Read more »

The Hopes and Concerns of Retirement

I have mentioned previously in this column that TCURA’s Executive Council was considering an idea that Julie and I brought back from the AROHE conference. Actually, it was not a completely new idea for us but is now going to come to fruition thanks to Larry Adams and Stan Hagadone taking the lead to plan it…. Read more »

Alzheimer’s Disease: New Hope with Research and Evidence

Welcome to 2019 and I hope a productive and healthy year. My goal for the “Health Help Now” columns continues to focus on providing information to inform your life choices and ways to actively engage with aging for overall health. That said, I could not wait to share new research and evidence on cognitive decline, including symptoms of dementia associated with Alzheimer’s disease, that affect the quality of life and health of 5.7 M persons in our country. The diagnosis and care of those persons cost an estimated $277B in 2018 with undefined costs to family caregivers and their loved ones.

Walking Speed the Sixth Vital Sign

I’ve often spoken about the value of consistent exercise for health in many “Health Help Now” columns and hope you have a current exercise routine meeting your needs. Now evidence indicates one form of exercise measurement, walking speed and quality, may provide insight into one’s overall health. Walking speed and quality assessment add to an measure of… Read more »

Ways to Promote Health and Well-Being in Cold Weather

Despite the winter weather uponus, evidence-based ways to promote our health in the darker and shorter days of winter allow us to remain healthy for the warmer and brighter days of spring ahead. Here are ways to minimize body stress and health insults to prosper during the winter months: Make sure you have your hi-dose… Read more »